Pulse Electromagnetic Fields

Healing your body from the inside

The revolutionary therapy of renewing your cells

Dr. Rena Schleifer Ph.D

Dr. Rena has been practicing health and wellness for over 30 years. She specializes in customized  plans tailored to the individual. She introduced PEMF Therapy 5 years ago to help people achieve a greater level of healing.


I was skeptical at first. However, after the first time on the machine I felt a huge difference. This was the first time anything has helped me for a Crohn’s condition. After continuing, I was able to get off my medications and am feeling much better than I could ever have imagined!

K.S. Monsey

My doctor referred me to Wellsprings PEMF for a fractured leg. After just a few weeks my leg was much improved and astonishingly the fibromyalgia I have had for 30 years resolved as well! I am so grateful for the pleasant experience. The staff was a pleasure to work with.

J.G. Pomona


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