PEMF Therapy

Pulse therapy has been a tremendous boost for my clients. Improved eating, hydrating, exercise, and sleep were still not giving my clients lasting or even thorough results. As a nutritionist for over 30 years this baffled me until I was introduced to Pemf Therapy about 7 years ago. The bodies trillions of cells are constantly reproducing however, they are doing so based on their current quality. If the cells can be strengthened, a higher level of healing would occur. Pulsed electromagnetic field technology with its science based research provided exactly that. By doing a consistent number of sessions, people were improving at an accelerated rate. From weight loss, hormonal balance, mood improvement, digestive and respiratory wellness, to bone fractures, growth issues, spinal degeneration, and skin issues. Both chronic and acute conditions were being positively effected. This prompted my decision to offer Pemf Therapy by in my practice. In addition to the healthy lifestyle elements, Pemf plays a major part of repair to the cells much like a battery which is fully charged to give maximum performance. Try a session today with a healthy lifestyle consult and see the results for yourself!


My thoughts diverge into two arenas; the impact the therapy has had on my wellbeing and the people with whom I interfaced each time I arrived for therapy.
For a duration in excess of four years, I had been challenged with serious limitations that severely hampered my ability to walk about, for even the shortest distance. I used a cane for most of that time and during the immediate 12+ months prior to beginning therapy, I often found myself requiring a wheelchair, pushed by one of my children or grandchildren.
Following a number of months of treatment, I am able to walk without a cane for close to a half mile. The debilitating pain in my back has been essentially eliminated, the bottoms of my feet are secure and I feel generally invigorated, more so than in a number of years. I have found the treatments highly beneficial.
The people who provide this therapy, Dr. Rena and Yaakov, are highly professional and most caring and empathetic people, and the setting in which the therapy is administered is most welcoming.
I will always be grateful to them.

G.G. New Jersey